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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ministry Update: March 2012


The Marines run a little over three miles in about twenty minutes!  These are some guys doing their PT test.

Satan does not fight with M-16s, IEDs or 30 caliber rounds, he fights with wrong philosophies, rules with fear, and kicks folks when they’re down.

And Satan will not give up any ground easily.

This is the Wounded Warrior complex, where the Wounded Warriors live and have their rehab. 

Opportunities abound here on Camp Pendleton.  There is a lot of hunger for truth among the Marines here, and that’s a blessing to see.  Being challenged by the Word of God, several Marines are coming out to church.  We’ve been picking up some Marines for church from the School of Infantry, and that’s been good.  Some Marines need to be saved, while one, who is a Christian, needs a lot of support and prayer to live for God in his spiritual foxhole.

Many military families have dire need, and are seeking for help.  Unfortunately, without the Word of God, The military is unable to give them the real help they need.

I find this sign to be so ironic.

The military hardware is impressive!  But the spiritual need is great.

This is the track for the Wounded Warriors.  The Marine Corps encourages them to get back out and run!

While there is a lot of opportunity, there is much opposition.  The one Bible Study we held created such a high-ranking officer’s opposition.  If you’ve been a Christian any length of time and have seen the antagonism of the Devil, you know what I mean. 

The military is a very needy field, so we appreciate your prayer!

All for Jesus,

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