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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What We See - Things That Fly

Air Force 2!!

About a week ago, the Vice President, Joseph Biden, came to Camp Pendleton to  visit the Wounded Warriors, who are just a few hundred yards away.

A Stallion!

The other day, we saw two fighter jets doing maneuvers.  How neat!

This picture was taken while we were still in Yuma.  A few days before that, we were out for a Family Day, and saw the balloon people  inflating their hot-air balloon, and watched a group of people embark and take off!  This is the same balloon, just a different trip.

The Infamous Mr. Heron!
A Cobra!  This is one of the Marine Corps attack copters.  

Blue birds are some of my very most favoritest birds!  We haven't named this one yet,  but he  is a regular around here.

Sharon snapped this wonderful picture of a hummingbird sitting on a wire.  If you look closely, you can see how tiny he is by looking at his size compared to the wire's!  Sharon zoomed in and cropped this picture, so we could see him.

This is an Osprey, the Marine Corps' airplane/helicopter.   It looks really crazy flying through the air, but it does fly!

Mr. Blue Bird again!

Johanna got a kite for Christmas, and on Friday we took it to the beach and got it up in the air.  It was our very first attempt at a double-stringed kite.  Anybody remember the old ones, with only one string??

I hope you all have enjoyed a little foray into our lives here.  We feel so tremendously blessed to be able to minister here on the base.

Lord willing, next time I will post on Stewarding Our Marriages.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Unbelievable Sight!

The other day, Sharon and I were sitting outside talking and enjoying the beauty of the Southern California winter.  I love to watch the different kinds of birds that migrate here to spend the winter in a warmer climate.  I had my camera with me, ready to take any pictures of beauty that presented itself.

What Sharon and I saw as we sat there was something so unbelievable, so incredible, and unusual, that if I hadn't seen it myself, I would not believe it!

I love herons, but I'm reconsidering.  You'll see why in the next few pictures.

I always thought herons went fishing, but this one went "squirreling!"  Here the ground is INFESTED with ground squirrels, with holes about every foot or so in the field.  They're simply EVERYWHERE!  But Mr. Heron must have decided that getting a meal in the field is easier than getting it in the water!

Here he is, ever so still, and very gracefully taking very...careful...steps.

Slowly, ever so carefully, he puts out a foot and moves closer to his desired "squirreling" spot.

Spying his meal, he stands literally frozen to the spot.

Slowly, carefully, he crouches down, ready to attack.

ZAP!  He got it!  But the question is, what did he get?

I was astounded when I realized that it was a baby squirrel!!

Poor thing.  You can see his legs sticking out of Mr. Heron's beak.

Yikes!  A squirrel-eating bird??!!??

What if he chokes??  Would he turn blue?

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Proof positive that Herons eat rodents.  Like I said, I don't know that I like herons quite as well as I used to.  Now, if they ate rats, that might be a different story.

Meal finished, Mr. Heron goes on to look for more.  

Am I glad I'm not a ground squirrel!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birds and Boys

I found this little gem in a very old magazine for young people.  Enjoy!

Down in the meadow the little brown thrushes
Build them a nest in the barberry bushes;
And when it is finished all cozy and neat,
Three speckled eggs make their pleasure complete.
“Twit-ter-ee twitter!” they chirp to each other,
“Building a nest is no end of a bother;
But oh, when our deal little birdies we see,
How happy we’ll be!  How happy we’ll be!

Up at the cottage where children are growing,
The young mother patiently sits at her sewing.
It’s something to work for small hobbledehoys,
That will tear their trousers and make such a noise;
“And one must admit,” says the dear little mother,
“That bringing up boys is no end of a bother;
But oh, when they kiss me, and climb on my knee,
It’s sweetness for me, it’s sweetness for me!

Isn't God good to give us such a gift as children?

He is wonderful!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creating Your Own Exercise Routine

My daughter took some pictures of me during one of our  running times.  Here is the warm-up.

If exercise is a huge part of Stewarding Ourselves, how do we start?  What do we do?

Developing your own exercise routine is not nearly as hard or complicated as you may think.  Some people may want to take the extra time and money to go to a gym with a personal trainer, but I prefer to stay at home with my family and pocket the extra change!  Being somewhat a do-it-yourselfer and a self-starter helps, but anyone can upgrade their lives by moving a little more.

Take about 15 minutes to sketch out your exercise routine.  That’s probably about all it takes to get moving!  Remember the principles of STEADY PRESSURE (work out consistently), INTENSITY (really push yourself sometimes) , and VARIETY (don’t do the same thing every day; change your routine up occasionally) as you plan your program.

1. Choose your days to exercise.  Three (3) times a week is the recommended minimum, but if you can only get one in, that’s still better than none!

2.  Choose your length of time.  I recommend starting with 15 minutes and increasing 1 minute once every week or two, but make sure you tailor your schedule to your own exercise ability.

3.  Choose your Aerobic exercise  – choose your preference: walking, running, cycling, rollerblading...even games with the kids will work as long as you choose something pretty active (soccer, tag, basketball, etc.)  If you have small children, plan on playing games with them once a week.

A Friday Family Fun Run!  We got to go to a park trail in Arizona, and the weather was delicious!
4.  Choose your Strength training exercises  
You can choose bodyweight exercises (that’s exercise using only your body weight, no machines or weights), dumbbells, elastic bands, or even a big machine!  I’m cheap, and I have very little room, so I have a few hand dumbbells which I use only rarely.  I generally stick to body weight exercises.  I figure that more than likely more of what I do in real life will not require me to lift any more than 135 pounds!!
    a.  Think of the activities you do every day that use the basic movements: push, pull, squat, bend, etc. Bending over and picking up a toddler, for instance. 

               b.  write down every exercise you can think of that may help you do these movements.  Push – push ups, wall push ups, chair push ups, etc.  Pull – pull-ups, pull downs, bent over rows, etc.

                c.  write down every core exercise you can think of – planks, sit ups, crunches, etc. (if you need some help, here are some great ideas)

                d.  take your list and choose one exercise from each movement to do every day.

                e.  eventually, you can expand your workouts to concentrate on one movement a day, varying movements every day push one day, pull another, legs another, core another

5.  Choose your stretching routineSLOW is the key!

                a.  Take your arms and legs and carefully stretch them to their capacity, hold that  position for about 10 seconds, and then slowly return to normal.

                b.  If you want to just free-wheel, you could simply lay on the floor and stretch, rolling around and enjoying the feel.

                c.  For a more structured approach, Google “how to stretch," or check out this article for some specific stretches and stretching tips.

6.  Do it!  It sounds ridiculous to say it, but this last point is the very most important!  Just Do It!  There is no bandwagon, only a faithful Stewardship of Ourselves.

Happy Trails to you!

God bless!

Note:  please read our medical disclaimer before following any sort of medical advice from LisaRaub.com

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ministry Update: January 2012

The Lord has blessed in allowing us to have our own campsite for a few weeks!

The Lord has really blessed our ministry efforts this month!  We are so excited to actually be staying on Camp Pendleton!!  An active duty Marine sponsored us onto the base, and we were able to get a thirty-day pass! 

My husband just met today with some commanders on the base, and, Lord Willing, we will be able to start at least one Bible study here.  There is some red tape to go through, but with the prayers of you folks, the gospel will go forth here.

We just arrived in the area on Monday, having spent about three and a half weeks in Yuma, AZ, near the Yuma Proving Grounds and the Marine Corps Air Station.  While we were there, there were a lot of opportunities!  My husband met twice with some with commanders on the base.  At this time, there are no open doors for Bible studies, but the wing chaplain is very interested, and we believe the door is open for other activities as well as a future Bible Study.  Lord willing, we will be able to sponsor several Bible-believing people to work ministries on the base.  Meanwhile, we did some door knocking and canvassing in the housing area near the base, passing out military tracts and military John/Romans.  The military families are very friendly; interestingly, most of the towns they are from are towns we’ve been in as well!  We also drove around on the base and logged the on-base housing for future mail-outs, and participated in a gospel street meeting!  It was a busy time, but a very happy one!

The weather there in Yuma, sunny and dry, seemed to really help my husband’s health.  He improved quite a bit the whole time we were there.  Also, I think we may have pinpointed one problem: he is sensitive to at least one, if not several antibiotics.  We are pretty sure now that it has been the antibiotics that were making him sick.  Now if we can only eliminate the frequent ear and sinus infections that necessitate the use of antibiotics!

Now that we’re at Camp Pendleton, there is so much to do!  Living on the base gives us a unique perspective on the needs of the individuals and families, and also provides a lot of opportunities.  Pray that the Lord will continue to give us opportunities to witness, bless the meetings with the commanders, and help us be a good testimony for the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stewarding Ourselves: Getting Active with Children

I love to write, but I am first and foremost a wife and mother, so this week I’ve been keeping up with school, laundry, and meals while we had revival meetings and haven't been able to blog much.  The music and preaching have been tremendous, and I’ve been truly blessed and encouraged by Dr. Doug Fisher’s messages!

My daughter Johanna has a cute little crown-tail Betta fish, which Sharon, Jason and Lydia gave her for Christmas.  He is, as all Betta fish are, a solitary little thing, swimming contentedly in his one gallon tank.  

Freddie lives a good life, but Betta care instructions tell us that Freddie could get very bored if he doesn’t get any excitement now and then.  To spice things up a bit, they recommend taking a mirror and holding it right outside the aquarium. 

Now, if you know anything about Bettas, you know that they are solitary for a reason.  Male Bettas, of which Freddie is one, are fierce fighters, and will attack each other just because they are there!  Putting a mirror in front of the tank presents an instant foe for Freddie, and he puffs himself up like a red balloon!  Every once in a while, he attacks his enemy, and then swims away in a triumphant puff of red swirly fins.

It’s good for him to be challenged, even if it is only with a mirror!

When it comes to Stewarding Ourselves, we need to understand the importance of being challenged.  I’ll leave most of that to your imagination, but I think you can see that being a parent is definitely a physical challenge.  If you’ve ever had a two-year old to chase, you can understand why it’s so easy to fall exhausted into your bed at the end of the day.  And many of you wonder about this thing of exercise.  How can I possibly find the energy to get up and go while I’m so busy taking care of my little ones? 

I completely understand your dilemma.  I’ve been there too.  So let me share with you what I have done to help me Steward Myself and my children over the years.  These are great for you to get exercise even if you can't jog or lift weights, etc!

Here are some ideas to get some exercise even with small children:

Babies: stroller is the way to go!  Walking is a great activity, and babies love to be out.  Lydia and Johanna were so close in age that we got a double stroller because we liked going on hikes.  It was important for us as a family to get out and enjoy God’s creation, so we often went on family day hikes in our area.  Because we had a jogging stroller (though we didn’t jog), we were able to tackle almost any terrain!

Children: games are great!  This way you AND the children can  be exercising!  I suspect children are about as excited about exercise as going to the dentist, so making exercise fun is important.   Here are some games we have played, plus a few others:

1. Capture the flag – This is an active game where each side has a “flag” (we’ve even used stuffed horses, of which we have plenty!  Then, of course, the game becomes “Capture the horse,” which becomes more deeply personal for those involved, hence more action!) that the other team tries to capture! 
2.            Tag – the standard game is where one person is “it,” and tries to tag another, and the only safety is the “base.”  Take away the “base” and the game becomes more interesting! 
3.            Freeze tag – The standard game is where one person is “it” and tries to tag others, and they are “frozen” in one spot.  Others can tag them to “unfreeze” them.   Since we rarely do anything the “standard” way, we often take teams, dividing into two (or more) teams.  More people, more action! 
4.            Soccer – Since I know very little about soccer, we rarely play, but it is great exercise.  When we do play, it’s quite challenging, and fun! 
5.            Family Football – two hand touch, of course!  These are some of our favorite memories! 
6.            Red Light, Green Light – My daughter insists that this game requires a lot of running, and I’m sure she’s right! 
7.            Basketball – A very active game, but one that requires a lot more skill than most of us have.  Still, it’s a lot of fun, especially if your team wins!
Remember, the goal is to Steward Ourselves, and bless the children in the process!

Happy Activity!


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Friday, January 13, 2012

Stewarding Ourselves: NEVER Give Up!

{inspiration and principles for applying the law of Steady Pressure}

Winston Churchill, the famous prime minister of England during perhaps the darkest time in modern history, had been called upon to make a speech.  

photo source
Pondering what to say, he thought grimly of the awful war his country had been forced to fight just a few years before.  He knew there would be tremendously hard times.  He thought about the strong possibility of bombing raids on his English cities, the thousands of people who would lose their homes, their loved ones, and their sweethearts.  He knew his people needed a grim determination to persevere if they were to succeed.

He knew what he had to say.

To the boys at Harrow School, he uttered these historic words:  “Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.''   With one last look at the crowd, he released his hold on the podium and sat down.

photo source
Never give up.

May his words ring true in our ears. 

When it comes to Stewarding Ourselves, this principle of STEADY PRESSURE can mean the difference between life and death.  It means that we keep going, day by day by day.  We must Steward Ourselves, because God has chosen to use us to take care of His creation, our husbands and our children.  He has no Plan B if we ruin our health by eating coconut bon-bons and sitting at the computer all day. We MUST take care of ourselves, and never give up, no matter how many things get in our way. 

photo source

Maybe we have a bad day.  Is it time to quit?  Never!  Maybe we’ve twisted an ankle, and we can’t walk for two weeks, or even something worse – a long illness.  Should we give up?  Never!  Maybe we just don’t feel like going for a walk.  Do we stay in bed?  Nope!

Here are a few ways to keep STEADY PRESSURE even when we don’t feel like it:
  • Make a commitment to yourself, and especially to God, that you will do everything in your power to keep going.  You may even want to take some time on your knees and ask God to help you make that commitment, and keep it.  Then write your commitment on a piece of paper, date it, and sign it.  Keep it in a place where you will run into it regularly.
  • Set some goals.  Try to keep them realistic.  If you haven’t exercised for many years, you don’t want to have a goal of running a marathon!  Also, if you haven’t been eating right for the past ten years, don’t set an unrealistic goal of never eating one speck of sugar.  It’s better to say, “For the next week, I will eat no sweets,” then evaluate your commitment after your time is up.
  • Decide to do something you enjoy.  Find out what you like and do it!  If you hate running, don’t decide that that is what you will do.  Use something you enjoy and you know you can stick to.
  • Get a Partner!  See if your hubby will come along, or take the children!  It’s been my great joy to have my children come along with me on many of my runs.  When the younger ones go with me, I like to go on a circular track so they are always in sight, but sometimes, when it’s just Sharon and I, we go on long straight trails. 
  • Look for Inspiration!  When the battery of your own inspiration runs low, ask God for some Scripture verses that will help you.  One of mine is, “They shall mount up with wings as eagles.  They shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”  Also, plenty of inspirational quotes can be found by doing a little search (or visit our favorite inspiring quotes collection)   Here are a few of mine:
  • “A year from now you may wish you had started today." 
  •   "My life tomorrow will be the result of my attitudes and the choices I make today."
  •    "Don't sacrifice your future for a momentary pleasure."
  • “If you always do what you've always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had.”

I remember reading a story about a guy who had a junk car in his garage.  He didn’t want to pay the money needed to have it towed off to the junkyard, so he decided to take a sawzaw to it, cut it up into trash-can-sized pieces, and bit by bit had it carted off to the dump in his regular garbage pickup!  All he did was go out to the garage every day and cut a few chunks off and throw them in the trash.  Working steadily, he was able to throw his car away!

photo source
We may not want to throw a car away, but we CAN make a little bit of progress every day.  In the end, a lot will be accomplished!  STEADY PRESSURE is what we need to help us Steward Ourselves!  

Always remember, NEVER give up!  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big Celebration!!

Did you hear me shout in celebration the other day?!!  Surely you heard it, a noise of rejoicing here in Arizona! 

The Lord enabled me to finally finish the manuscript for my new book!!!  And now it is at the first proofreader!  When she is done, then it goes on to the next one.  By the time it's done, I’m sure it will be in ship-shape!

For those of you who don't know, I am working on a book about Second Generation Christians.  I have been interviewing those that are living for God to discover what their parents did right, and let me tell you, the answers they give are absolutely fascinating!  I believe this information will be extremely valuable for Christian parents wanting to raise their children to serve the Lord.  So really, it isn't my book - it's their book.  It's the stories and advice from more than 50 young people who survived their growing up years without bailing and going out into the world, and are happily serving God today.

But before we can hold the book in our hands...

Now begins the arduous task of getting permissions, obtaining a cover design, doing the two appendixes, the preface, and finding the endorsements.  I still have a TON of work ahead of me, but there may be light at the end of the tunnel…hopefully it’s not a train!  ;)

I would SO appreciate your prayers for me and for the book as I finish this project.  Please pray that the Lord will bless it for His glory!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Wonder of Memories, or, Twenty-Eight Years!

I would never have dreamed she was 80 years old, but with a glowing face that made her look quite young, she spoke lovingly of her late husband after the evening service.

“Yes, he passed away in December of last year.  It was so hard to believe that he was 93 years old!  He was simply a beautiful man,” she smiled.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I replied.  “I would love to see a picture of him.  Do you have one?”

Surprised by my request, she dug into her purse and brought out her phone.  She showed it to me, beaming.  I looked into the kindly, quite handsome face of a white-haired gentleman.  Turning to her I remarked that it was unbelievable to think that he was actually 93!

“How long were you married?” I wondered.

“Twenty-eight years,” she replied.  She then told me that her first husband had also passed away, but the Lord had blessed her with her second husband, who was simply a wonderful man.

Then it hit me: I have been married twenty-eight years, just on Saturday!!  My Beloved and I got married on January 7, 1984, and have been married for over a quarter of a century!

“You know,” she said, bringing me back to the present.  “Falling in love is such an enchanting feeling.  It’s a good thing it goes away, or we wouldn’t be able to stand it!  But he was such a delightful man, and I’m thankful for the time I had with him.”

I nodded, saying, “Ah, but you have the memories.  And wonderful memories they are, I’m sure.”

She smiled like a schoolgirl.

“That’s one thing I really like about good memories,” I continued.  “You get to enjoy them twice!  Once, when you make them, and then later, when you think about them again!”

When she left the church, I thought for sure I saw her floating out the door.

So, for your information, My Beloved and I are going out to create more lovely memories for the next day or so.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MY LOVE!  It’s been a wonderful twenty-eight years, and I look forward to twenty-eight (at least!) more!!

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