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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What We See - Things That Fly

Air Force 2!!

About a week ago, the Vice President, Joseph Biden, came to Camp Pendleton to  visit the Wounded Warriors, who are just a few hundred yards away.

A Stallion!

The other day, we saw two fighter jets doing maneuvers.  How neat!

This picture was taken while we were still in Yuma.  A few days before that, we were out for a Family Day, and saw the balloon people  inflating their hot-air balloon, and watched a group of people embark and take off!  This is the same balloon, just a different trip.

The Infamous Mr. Heron!
A Cobra!  This is one of the Marine Corps attack copters.  

Blue birds are some of my very most favoritest birds!  We haven't named this one yet,  but he  is a regular around here.

Sharon snapped this wonderful picture of a hummingbird sitting on a wire.  If you look closely, you can see how tiny he is by looking at his size compared to the wire's!  Sharon zoomed in and cropped this picture, so we could see him.

This is an Osprey, the Marine Corps' airplane/helicopter.   It looks really crazy flying through the air, but it does fly!

Mr. Blue Bird again!

Johanna got a kite for Christmas, and on Friday we took it to the beach and got it up in the air.  It was our very first attempt at a double-stringed kite.  Anybody remember the old ones, with only one string??

I hope you all have enjoyed a little foray into our lives here.  We feel so tremendously blessed to be able to minister here on the base.

Lord willing, next time I will post on Stewarding Our Marriages.

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