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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ministry Update: January 2012

The Lord has blessed in allowing us to have our own campsite for a few weeks!

The Lord has really blessed our ministry efforts this month!  We are so excited to actually be staying on Camp Pendleton!!  An active duty Marine sponsored us onto the base, and we were able to get a thirty-day pass! 

My husband just met today with some commanders on the base, and, Lord Willing, we will be able to start at least one Bible study here.  There is some red tape to go through, but with the prayers of you folks, the gospel will go forth here.

We just arrived in the area on Monday, having spent about three and a half weeks in Yuma, AZ, near the Yuma Proving Grounds and the Marine Corps Air Station.  While we were there, there were a lot of opportunities!  My husband met twice with some with commanders on the base.  At this time, there are no open doors for Bible studies, but the wing chaplain is very interested, and we believe the door is open for other activities as well as a future Bible Study.  Lord willing, we will be able to sponsor several Bible-believing people to work ministries on the base.  Meanwhile, we did some door knocking and canvassing in the housing area near the base, passing out military tracts and military John/Romans.  The military families are very friendly; interestingly, most of the towns they are from are towns we’ve been in as well!  We also drove around on the base and logged the on-base housing for future mail-outs, and participated in a gospel street meeting!  It was a busy time, but a very happy one!

The weather there in Yuma, sunny and dry, seemed to really help my husband’s health.  He improved quite a bit the whole time we were there.  Also, I think we may have pinpointed one problem: he is sensitive to at least one, if not several antibiotics.  We are pretty sure now that it has been the antibiotics that were making him sick.  Now if we can only eliminate the frequent ear and sinus infections that necessitate the use of antibiotics!

Now that we’re at Camp Pendleton, there is so much to do!  Living on the base gives us a unique perspective on the needs of the individuals and families, and also provides a lot of opportunities.  Pray that the Lord will continue to give us opportunities to witness, bless the meetings with the commanders, and help us be a good testimony for the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers!

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