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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Wonder of Memories, or, Twenty-Eight Years!

I would never have dreamed she was 80 years old, but with a glowing face that made her look quite young, she spoke lovingly of her late husband after the evening service.

“Yes, he passed away in December of last year.  It was so hard to believe that he was 93 years old!  He was simply a beautiful man,” she smiled.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I replied.  “I would love to see a picture of him.  Do you have one?”

Surprised by my request, she dug into her purse and brought out her phone.  She showed it to me, beaming.  I looked into the kindly, quite handsome face of a white-haired gentleman.  Turning to her I remarked that it was unbelievable to think that he was actually 93!

“How long were you married?” I wondered.

“Twenty-eight years,” she replied.  She then told me that her first husband had also passed away, but the Lord had blessed her with her second husband, who was simply a wonderful man.

Then it hit me: I have been married twenty-eight years, just on Saturday!!  My Beloved and I got married on January 7, 1984, and have been married for over a quarter of a century!

“You know,” she said, bringing me back to the present.  “Falling in love is such an enchanting feeling.  It’s a good thing it goes away, or we wouldn’t be able to stand it!  But he was such a delightful man, and I’m thankful for the time I had with him.”

I nodded, saying, “Ah, but you have the memories.  And wonderful memories they are, I’m sure.”

She smiled like a schoolgirl.

“That’s one thing I really like about good memories,” I continued.  “You get to enjoy them twice!  Once, when you make them, and then later, when you think about them again!”

When she left the church, I thought for sure I saw her floating out the door.

So, for your information, My Beloved and I are going out to create more lovely memories for the next day or so.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MY LOVE!  It’s been a wonderful twenty-eight years, and I look forward to twenty-eight (at least!) more!!

1 comment:

Lydia said...

Happy Anniversary, Mom! 28 years - congrats! Love ya!

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