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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beauty in the Barren Land

Our latest excursion was to take a hike through Hellhole Canyon!  Not a very appealing name, I must admit, but the scenery has a certain way of "growing on you."

Here in Hellhole Canyon, the rugged terrain may look benign, but every scraggly bush has its share of thorns and pricklies.

The brave canyon hikers obtained walking sticks from pulling up rough plants and scraping the spikes off them.  Here we are just getting ready to depart.

My Beloved and I conquered a rock!

Another mighty warrior (Lydia) conquered an even larger rock!

Father and daughter enjoying the rugged scenery!

In the barren land, it seems that there is only thorns, scrub, and cactus, but when you look closely, you can see tiny expressions of the beauty and love of God.

God always has beauty, sometimes virtually hidden, but it is nevertheless still there.  Then, He brings us out into a wide, beautiful place, where the blooms and flowers abound, and we sense His goodness all around!  Those times, though they are rare, are still wonderful.  But if I must go through a thorny, scrubby valley, I can know for sure that there are flowers - there is beauty - even in the barren land.

We saw this dog living a life of ease, very literally resting on his laurels!!

Even tiny flowers along the roadside bring glory to their Creator!

Another God and glory-filled day comes to a close, but not without another splash of beauty across the sky.  

Someone else must have sensed the romance, for we saw a Styrofoam proposal on a fence, and of course, an equally Styrofoam reply!

Let's keep our eyes out for beauty - and romance - in unlikely places.  The Lord has plenty of it out there for us if we open our eyes to see it!

Forever His,

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