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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Boundaries are for a Reason

These pictures were taken with my phone, so they're not the best quality.  Still, I think you get the idea!  

The other day, we went on a Family Day, which we try to do once a week.  The kids work extra hard the other four days of the week, doubling up on their schoolwork, so they can have an extra day off.  We take that time to spend together as a family, exploring our surroundings and just enjoying the time together.  Most times, we read a book aloud while we go.

Last week, our Family Day outing consisted of exploring another military base, some shopping, and a walk on the Oceanside Pier.  

We were at the airstrip, watching the F-18s take off and land, when I saw this sign:

 Beyond this fence is the airstrip.  I guess they don't want pedestrians wandering around their runway!  ;)

It really made me think.  Boundaries, though we often despise them, can be very good.  Even if we don't know why they're there, they are still there for a good reason.  

God has very clear boundaries placed in His Word, and He doesn't want us to go crossing willy-nilly over the lines.  In fact, when we do that, the lines get blurred for others, so it's very important that we simply obey God and stay on the right side of the fence.

He doesn't give us boundaries just because He enjoys ordering us around, or because He has nothing else to do, but for our own good.

And if we cross those boundaries, force is authorized to bring us back to where we belong.

Enjoying the waves at night on the Oceanside Pier!

 God has given the sea a boundary, so that it may not cross and flood the earth.

While this sea gull was trying to get into the trash, the kids tried to see if they could catch him!
Even the Creation knows its boundaries.  This sea gull may try to get some trash to eat, but he knows he can't get too close to those kids!

One of the fishermen on the pier caught a small crab in his trap, and let Jason throw him back into the water!   Great fun for a boy.

And the sea creatures themselves keep to the boundaries of the sea.  The danger for them, if they end up "out of bounds" is very great!  While they swim around in the ocean, they may not know why they must keep to the sea, but if they ever got out of the water, they would then know very certainly, and by experience!

Let's remember that there are boundaries, and they are for a reason . . . a good reason.  

God knows what He is doing, 

has our best interest in mind, 

and He loves us.

Bound to Him Forever,

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