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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some things I know I need...

My family and I just spent the past three days at Lighthouse Baptist Church's Leadership Conference, and what a blessing it was!  There were wonderful ladies' sessions, as well as the regular Bible preaching, great fellowship, and good food.  I went away full physically and spiritually.

This year, the Lord seemed to center most of the preaching on the topic of transparency.  It's a difficult one for me, being in the ministry, as I know there is a fine line somewhere between "airing your dirty laundry" and clamming up altogether.  To be honest, I don't think I know where that line is!  Does anybody else feel the same way?  I look forward to the Lord continuing to guide me in this area.

Also, I've asked the Lord to help me truly love people more.  In my heart, I know that, to be more like His Son, I need to just plain love people.  If you all could pray for me, that I would be more like Jesus in this area, I would appreciate it.

All for Jesus,

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