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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ministry Update – December 2011

Well, we’re all gearing up for Christmas!  What a blessing it is to be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus!  To think that He’s MY Saviour just thrills my soul.  Lately I’ve been praying that the Lord would find me like Mary, willing to do whatever He bids me do.  Oh, what a joyous life, to live in the center of God’s Will!

This month we’ve been in the military-rich area of southern California!  Here we have Camp Pendleton, home of the Marine Corps School of Infantry, etc.  

photo credit

Not far away is the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, where all the Marines west of the Mississippi go through basic training.  A little farther south there is San Diego, a city full of Navy and other armed forces personnel.

Just before leaving for our son’s wedding, the Lord allowed us to meet a man who is a Sunday School teacher in a local Bible-preaching church, who also served in the Army Special Forces for forty years before retiring!!  His unbelievable testimony of desire to serve our country is truly humbling.  He expressed his desire to help us however he could, and so his base access will be a real help. 

The Lord wonderfully opened the door for us to endorse him to start a Bible Study on Camp Pendleton!  The other day, he and My Beloved went out to Camp Pendleton, and the Lord allowed them to come in contact with the Command Chaplain, who was very receptive to Eagles’ Wings Military Ministry.  So, Lord willing, come the first of January, there will be another Military Bible Fellowship on another military installation!!  Pray for God’s protection for this man, and that the Lord will expand the ministry here.

Also, the Lord allowed us to come in contact with some folks who have just started a military wives’ fellowship, and we were able to meet them for dinner and exchange ideas.  The director of the Military Wives’ Fellowship has been invited to start a ministry on March Air Base.  Pray that the open door there will remain open, and that the Lord will strengthen the workers there.

Now we are spending the Christmas time at Yuma, Arizona, where there is a Marine Corps Air Station.  If we are able, we’d like to try to do something here, as well.

Thank you so much for praying for us, folks!  Because of dedicated people like you, we are able to keep rolling on for Jesus!

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