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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Photos (& More Wedding Pics!)

Here's the whole extended Raub clan: Jon & Brooke are in the center, of course, my husband and I are beside Jonathan.  Lydia, 12, is beside me, and my Dad is on the far right.  Kneeling in front of Dad is Stephen, and beside him is Jason.  Sharon (17) stands beside Brooke, and Johanna (11) is beside her.  Kathryn (25) and her husband Matthew have their three little kiddos: Matthew (4) was ring bearer, Emily (3) is the smiley one in red, and Luke (4 months) is hiding behind his dad's head. 

                My Dad at the wedding, enjoying a laugh with his girl, Eunice

Their cake was BEAUTIFUL!!

Just before this picture was taken I heard Brooke say to Jonathan, "OK, now we shove cake in each other's faces."  And that's exactly what they did!!

We caught Jason eating his cake!

The wedding party did a wonderful job decorating the car.

Running and popping bubbles was probably Emily's favorite part!

The next day we took Matt to see the Gulf, since he had never seen an ocean before.  Matt had just written "I <3 Kathryn in the sand, and of course, got his reward!  Little Matthew is not paying any attention, though.

Matt, Kathryn, and Emily

...but you'll never guess where Matthew was when the others were posing so  nicely for their picture!  He's a waterbug!  Never mind the fact that the air was probably about 45 degrees!

I'm so thankful for the Lord's blessing!  God has been so good to me!  Thank you also for all your prayers for a safe trip.  

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Jennifer said...

Great pics!!!! So sweet!

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