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Monday, December 19, 2011

Looking Ahead to 2012: Next Year's Blog Theme

(our family in March 2010)

I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas preparations!  For myself, I was so busy getting ready for the wedding, I entirely forgot about Christmas!  So I have to kick it into high gear and really get a move on this week.  Christmas is always a very busy time, but a wonderful time, as I think of God Himself sending His only Son here to earth, wrapped in love and a blanket, born to die.  Let’s take some extra time to reflect on God’s goodness and love to us!

One of the other things I’ve been busy with is preparation for next year.  I’m really excited about blogging in 2012!  There are so many great things going on, and lots to write about!  Let me briefly share with you what we have planned for LisaRaub.com this next year:  

2012's theme will be Stewardship.  God has given us a wonderful gift and that’s called LIFE.  It has been said that "Life is God’s gift to us - what we do with it is our gift to Him."  To help us better steward our lives this year, we’re going to carefully go through the many facets of our lives and make some practical applications of how we can be better stewards of the wonderful life the Lord has given to us.

Lord willing, in January we’re going to talk about stewarding ourselves.  We’ll cover the principles of intensity and variation, and give practical ideas on nutrition, exercise, weight management, time management, Bible study tips, marriage boosters, child training tips, and more!

In February, Lord willing we will talk about stewarding our marriages.  Using the principles of intensity and variation, we’ll write about communication, handling irritations, and expressing love.  We’ll also include more child training tips, and try to cover some thoughts about expressing love to our children as babies, kids, young people, and young adults.  After all, they don’t stop needing us just because they leave home! 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!  Lord willing, it will be a great year of learning, growing, and loving.  Come join us!

Note from Sharon (blog designer/site coordinator): Also this next year we are planning to move the blog over to Wordpress!  It will help navigation (so sorry if that has been an issue for some of you!) and improve the whole site overall.  We will let you know if this means a temporary change of address at some point.  Thank-you so much for bearing with us as we work on the website!

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