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Friday, April 20, 2012

Parenting Resources: Help for the Home School

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Call me a rebel if you like, but I've never been one to find out which way the current is flowing and go with it.  That's why it took me so long to read Charlotte Mason's first book in her series on home schooling.

You see, I always heard her name spoken in a strange sort of reverence, kind of the way someone would refer to "The Patron Saint of Home Schoolers" or something.  I just chalked it up to the thought that "I guess there's a few wierdos in the home schooling community."

So finally I found Charlotte Mason's book available for Kindle for$1.99 a piece!!  Being the stingy sort of homemaker, that strongly appealed to my thrify instincts, and I downloaded it.  I was in for quite a read!

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I found Miss Mason's understanding of the learning process to be exactly correct, and I especially think her writings onthe will and the conscience of the child to be right on.  It was actually very convicting, too, to realize just how much responsability lies with me - the parent.

Even if you don't do the Charlotte Mason style of home schooling (which I don't, but someday I may,) her books would be a tremendous help to your parenting.    Good old-fashioned common sense, which was on every street corner back in Mason's day, is rare now indeed, but her writings are full of wisdom!

Simply Charlotte Mason has a lot of really good resources for their style of home schooling, as well as Queen Homeschool, who published my book,

  Check them both out, but especially see if you can get a hold of the original Charlotte Mason book.  Click here for the Kindle version, only $1.99, or here for the paperback on Amazon.

Enjoy your weekend!


Julie Page said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing about Charlotte Mason. My daughter and her best friend are at a homeschool convention in Cincinnati Ohio this weekend and they got to talk with one of the speakers named Cindy West. Have you heard of her? Here's a link to her blog:

Lisa said...

Thanks, Julie!

Although I never heard of Cindy before, I looked at the link you gave, and it looks very informative and helpful!

I'll be looking into the Charlotte Mason style more in depth, especially how it applies to the higher grades. Hopefully thse sites will give me (and others) a lot of information.

God Bless!


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