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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Crazy Things I Do on the Road

Drying some laundry on a volleyball net!

I do some pretty odd things on a regular basis, or at least they may seem odd to lots of other people.  For me, it's just the way I operate. 

Thankfully, I have a washer and dryer on board the bus, but sometimes I really wish I had a clothesline to hang some things on.  That's where a bit of creativity comes in!  At this particular church we're parked at, there is a volleyball net, and since we're kind of on a back street and it only takes something about 30 minutes to dry, I went ahead and hung up some laundry there.   I must admit, that's got to be a crazy sight!

My crock pot on the ground outside the bus - it's my Outdoor Kitchen!

Here is my "outdoor kitchen!"  There is an outlet in one of the bays of the bus, so I take the crock put outside, set it on the ground, and crank it up!  It's really great, because the bus gets very hot inside whenever the sun is out, even if it's cool outside.  Since crock pots usually heat up the place quite a bit, I take it out to my outdoor kitchen!  And it get so hot, I don't have to worry about any animals or bugs getting into it.

It's a Courageous Journey, but I love serving God!

Enjoy your journey, folks!

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