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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rolling on, and blessed…

Engine humming, generator running, and water tank filling, we are getting ready to head out. It seems so far away, yet it will only take us a little over an hour to reach another country…Canada. Canada, with its pristine rivers, glacial mountains, and sleek penguins. But also with its nations' military.
They come from every town and province in Canada, join ranks with our own forces, and fight to protect their freedoms. These Canadian Forces are trained, sometimes alongside our own, and learn to push themselves beyond their limits to do the duty that lies nearest. Then, after their tour of duty is done, they head back to their homes. Wouldn't it be wonderful to reach them with the Gospel before their military service is done? They then become missionaries to the outer reaches of the Arctic Circle, or Alberta, or Ontario.
We're ready to go…but wait, as I write there is a problem. My husband has pulled the bus out and parked it to hook up the van, but the bus has a terrible lean to the right! Our suspension, which we just had worked on a few weeks ago in Ohio, must have another leak.
I find it completely amazing the setbacks we had encountered in order to get to Canada. We've had numerous snafus with red tape, an unusual amount of mechanical problems, and a ton of scheduling difficulties. Could it be that God really wants to do something there, and the Devil knows it? Well, whatever God wants to do, I want to be in on it… so we press on.
Two hours later, we are on the road, mechanical problem fixed, mostly. We still have a lean, but now enough to cause any stability issues. The Rolling Raub Ranch rolls on!
As we cross the border to our northern neighbors, please keep us in prayer. There is an open door, but there are many adversaries. I'm a little skittish about meeting them, but I'd rather be in God's will and face the lions than out of it on a comfy couch eating coconut bon-bons while the world goes to Hell.
Our Detroit diesel roars, the generator powers the whole place, the water tank is full, the fuel tanks are topped off…we are so blessed…and we are rolling!


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