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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being in the way…

Sitting here in the growing twilight of the late evening in Ontario, I can hardly believe what my heart tells me:
…there's been a new birth, and I got to be the witness of it.
The Canadian military wife had admitted she was not a child of God the other day, and somehow I got the privilege of telling her the Good News of God's merciful forgiveness. As we spoke in the now-empty church nursery, I felt the wrestling of her heart, and I understood her questions. I remembered my own struggles, so many years ago. With overflowing joy, I was able to point her in the direction of God Himself, through Jesus Christ, and help her see Him who loves her so.
Then, after I prayed, she also talked to the Lord. It wasn't dramatic, but it was heartfelt, and she asked the Lord to forgive her of her sins and make her into a new person. What a privilege it is to be present in the birthing room!
But it didn't really hit me until about five minutes after she was gone –
Now I know why the Devil has been fighting this trip into Canada.
There was a Samaritan woman to be reached, and he didn't want her to enter the Kingdom.
My mind reeled. I've been waking up day after day here in Canada, praying, Lord, what do you have for us here? What is it you want to do? There had been many hindrances - adversaries, as Paul called them. Paperwork issues, mechanical issues, and other things were set to prevent us from going into Canada. Why? I wondered. Now I knew.
I, being in the way, the Lord led me…and I'm so thankful He did! Perhaps some of you have been praying about our excursion into Canada. Thank you for praying! Your prayers did not go unheaded! Please continue to pray, because I know that God's not finished with us yet. There is always more to do, more folks to win. I want to be in the way…

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