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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Orange Dreams

What a cute little place!

The other day, a dear fellow took us out to lunch at this cute little place in the fruit growing region of The Orange Works is a converted orange packing place amidst acres and acres of orange groves.  It's a really beautiful restaurant that is only open from 11am to 4pm - just a lunch place - with a very sparse  but delicious sandwich menu.  Most of us ordered the tri-tip sandwich, a slow-roasted marinated beef on a monster bun!  The specialty garlic sauce brought out the flavor of the meat, and the meal came with a bag of chips, a soda, and their daily special flavor ice cream.  That day just happened to be orange or lemon ice cream, so I chose the orange.  It was just like an orange dreamsicle, with a little bit of pulp!  Yum!

Now I'm hungry again!

May your blessings outweigh your burdens, and your burdens be rolled onto Jesus, dear ones!

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