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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ministry Update - November 16, 2011

Kevin witnessing to a soldier on Fort Hood!

It’s been a great time here on the west coast!  We continue to go to bases here, seeing what’s being done to reach the military.  Right now we’re close to Edwards AFB, which is huge land-wise, but has a very small military population.  One of our goals here is to see what is going on to reach the base.  It’s been our blessing to know that Lancaster Baptist Church is doing a tremendous job helping the airmen and women there.

Most people who are missionaries to the military either seek to start a church near a military base, pastor a church near a military base, or help a church near a base.  These folks go to the field and do the work the Lord has for them in their particular sphere of influence. 
The Lord has chosen a bit of a different route for us.  Our desire is to start churches near military bases that need a church, and to help people in existing churches reach their local bases if there is not outreach.  We have started three churches so far, two of them “military” churches – churches by a military base.  Seeing the need to help already existing churches develop effective outreaches to their local military bases, we felt the Lord tapping us for Operation Naaman: Navy, Army, Air Force Marines Action Network.

In Operation Naaman, we use our credentials in working with the military for the past 19 years and endorse Biblically sound individuals located by military bases and help them establish ministries on the base.  My husband has developed a network of connections with commanders, chaplains, and officers who are willing to help us be a blessing to our nation’s military.   

Soon we’ll be heading to Fallbrook, CA, where we will be conducting Operation Naaman by invitation, to help some folks develop an outreach to the Marines.  We were there about eight years ago and had four Bible studies on the base.  Of course, a lot has changed since then, and now there’s a whole new crop of Marines who need the Lord.  Pray that the Lord will open doors for us and our workers to establish a ministry there.

My husband’s health seems to be getting to be more of an issue.  Please keep him in prayer as we enter the winter – and illness – season.  Thank you all for your prayers!

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