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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ministry Update

It's been three rainy, dismal weeks up here in the northwest.  Unfortunately, the humidity is not good for my husband's Lyme disease symptoms; arthritis and pain is his constant companion.  Thank you all for praying for him and his health, though we continue to seek God for strength.

The military projects here are stymied by difficulty in securing a chaplain that will work with us.  We haven't been given a "no," but we haven't been given a "yes," either.  Perhaps it's just the weather, but perhaps there's spiritual opposition.

There are plenty of workers who are willing to minister on base, if only we can gain permission.  To this end, my husband has been developing another outreach tool, a seminar on Biblical Resolution of Worry and Stress, which we feel will be very applicable to the military in their current deployment and battle status.

And continue to pray that we will be effective while we go on base and try to talk to folks about the Lord.  The vast majority of people have a tremendous need and don't even know it.

Thank you!

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