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Friday, October 21, 2011

Jonathan & Brooke!

I doubt anyone out there doesn't know by now, but just in case there's someone who's been in a remote corner of the world and hasn't seen a computer in awhile, here are some pictures of my son, Jonathan, and his fiance, Brooke!!

I was going to put up just one picture, but I liked all these so well that I had to put all of them on.

We are thrilled for them, and thankful to the Lord for His working in their lives.

Interestingly enough, I've been praying specifically for (and writing to) Brooke for years, long before they began courting.  I look back now and see God's handiwork and am amazed at His wonderful workings.  

The wedding date is set for December 10!  Lord willing, it will be a tremendous time to have all my family together again for the first time in years!!

Their plan is to settle in Mississippi for awhile, and then Jon will be, Lord Willing, continuing to prepare for ministry as a missionary bush pilot.   Please pray for Jon & Brooke as they prepare for their new life together!

Update - December 2011: Jonathan and Brooke are now married!  Read about the beautiful wedding here.

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