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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rolling On...

Looking into the sunshine!
It's been a long and busy week, full of good fellowship and many opportunities.  And since I'm standing on the eve of another busy week, I'm going to fill you in on things and move on.

The weekend before last we were at Mountain Home, Idaho, home of the Mountain Home Air Force Base.  We were able to make some good contacts, some folks who would like us to come back to help them reach onto the base.  We also handed out some Military Editions of John/Romans at a huge fair!

During that weekend, I was also able to get another survey for my upcoming book, for which I am very thankful!

Last week, we stopped by The Dalles, Oregon, and had a meeting at a church there, and I picked up a few more surveys.  The Lord has blessed, and I have about 52 in all now.

I also had a wonderful opportunity to speak to a Ladies' Group on Thursday night, as well as to another ladies' group just this past Sunday morning!  For both, I spoke on the same topic, one of the patterns I see emerging as a result of my survey.  It is a blessing to me to see God working, and I think it was a blessing to the ladies, as well.

Soon the Rolling Raub Ranch will be moving on, headed toward a military project in Canada!  Please pray for continued safety, and especially that we will be used of the Lord to accomplish His purpose.

A cute little friend came to visit us!
Stopping for a little break

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