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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free E-Book!!

"Mom, you've got to get this book!  You will LOVE it!" my oldest daughter exclaimed over the phone.  Her dear husband recently got her a Kindle, and she and I have been swapping great titles, sharing stories of good - and bad - reads.

I wasn't real fond of her previous recommendation, but I think it's just me (I'm a bit odd when it comes to reading material), so I was a little unsure of this one.  Once I downloaded How To Live On Twenty-Four Hours a Day, and began to read it, however, I found it to be a really interesting, as well as helpful book.

The setting is in the mid 1800s, so some of the examples are quite far-fetched (and of course it was written for the working man, not for the homeschooling mom), but the principles are timeless.   So far, I have had a lot of food for thought from this little gem.  In fact, since implementing some of the changes in my life, I've accomplished more with less effort.  This I thought to be impossible, since my days are extremely packed, but if it could help me, it can probably help you.

Go ahead and download your own copy, and let us know how you like it!

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