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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

High Protein Smoothie Recipe

While we wait for Kathy to have her baby (poor Kath!), let's make sure we take care of ourselves. One thing I always try to do is to eat right, since I'm the one who is ultimately responsible for my body. I also know that before long, I'll be flying up to help Kathy for a few days, so I need to take care of myself so that I can be a help to her.
Since I'm hypoglycemic, I have to be very careful of what and when I eat, especially in the mornings. My daughter Sharon sees me eating…again…in the morning and exclaims, "Mom! How do you do that and not weigh as much as an elephant!! I am SO jealous!" Seriously, though, I need to be careful to eat before I get hungry, because most mornings I don't even feel hungry, I feel terrible.
One of the best things for me either in the morning or as an afternoon snack, is a protein smoothie. Here is a recipe of a smoothie I often make as we drive down the road, because everybody knows that the driver needs to keep himself alert and going…and caffeine is not the best way. Now, some of the ingredients may seem very strange, but don't laugh…I get rave reviews from my favorite clients…my family.
High-Protein (Low fat) Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie:


1/3 c non-fat yogurt
1/3 c lowfat cottage cheese
1/3 c low fat milk
1 orange, peeled
Stevia to taste (often 2 packets for us)
1 raw egg (I've been using raw eggs in my smoothies for about 30 years, and neither I nor my family have gotten sick once!)
1 tsp vanilla


Blend it all together and test it to make sure it is sweet enough. Then increase the speed of the blender and add about 6 ice cubes, one at a time. The result is a tremendously delicious, healthy snack that really carries you through! My family raves over the taste, all the ingredients are natural, and there is no added sugar. It is about 250-300 calories, and about 20 grams of protein. You can vary it and make it a meal shake by adding oatmeal or some other grain, too. And, strange as it may sound, I also need to add flax oil, for the hypoglycemia. Flax oil is very light and does not alter the taste a bit.
If you try it, let me know what you think!

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