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Friday, May 27, 2011

An Unusual Way to Spark Romance

It was the end of a very busy and stressful day…or was it?

I looked around at the mess I called home, and wished to just crawl under the covers and sleep for about two weeks. School has been especially difficult lately, and it seemed like the bus would never get clean, no matter how many times I went through and picked up stuff. Now all the children were in bed, and there was still a pile of dishes in the sink.

And I mean, a pile. I have no idea why there were so many, but there were. And I needed to do them before I could go to bed and take a coma.

I looked around and sighed, knowing I was in for a late night. And knowing I also had a lot of other work to do, as well.

I turned away from the sink to work on the floor, drudgery dogging my steps. Some days are just bone-wearying, and this was one of them.

After a bit, I heard water running in the sink, and turned to see My Beloved washing the dishes in the soapy water and stacking them in the drainer. Within minutes, he reduced the pile to zero! I rubbed his shoulder and looked into his eyes, smiling gratefully. "Thank you so much for your help! You just saved my life!" I quipped.

He smiled down at me and laid his hand on my shoulder. "How would you like me to see if I can get you a dishwasher?" he suggested.

My eyes grew round with wonder, and my mouth dropped open. A dishwasher…in a motorhome?? Whoever heard of such a thing? But my husband is always thinking outside the box, and he just might do it.

"Oh, honey, if you did that, I would jump into your arms!!" I exclaimed. He smiled broadly and replied, "Well, we'll see if we can do it."

That was a few weeks ago. And tonight, with much sweat, pounding, and grunting, he installed a small apartment-sized dishwasher in our motorhome!!!

I took this picture on my phone, minutes after it was installed tonight!
And do you know what I did?
I jumped right into his arms!!

After some intense kissing, he said he thought he would like to install another one tomorrow…. ;)

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